Our Services

Customized logistics tools that grow and adapt with your business.All our software is developed in-house by a talented group of programmers, designers, and engineers that collaborate to provide responsive, flexible, and helpful digital solutions.

Pre & On Carriage

Seaports and inland ports are the backbone of the logistics industry. Most of the time, however, they are not the first or last link in a transportation network. No matter what you’re transporting, we’ll take care of everything before and after the actual conveyance.


Insuring cargo doesn’t have to be complicated. Enjoy a quick, flexible, digitally-driven procedure that may be easily modified to save money.


If you’re looking to hire a third party to handle your warehouse’s logistics, look no further than The Shipping Team. Your Warehousing and Company can benefit from our specialized Logistic Services.


Your trading data is quite powerful. Make good use of it. Our Advisors identify and develop novel solutions to reduce risk and maximize performance across all of your transactions.

Trade Finance

We design tailor-made trade finance solutions for you to meet various requirements

Trade Advisory

We provide advisory to make your trade happen

Shipment Services

Our services provide you the freedom to handle several transportation channels in concert, with an emphasis on providing the visibility, control, and compliance your organisation needs. We can provide you a quantitative, all-encompassing overview of your current supply chain, providing you with vital insight and useful information. This not only promotes safety but also leads to steady development.

Custom Brokerage and Duty Drawback

We act as a customs broker and import liaison on your behalf, handling the arduous process of clearing your items with local services. Large quantities of money may be returned to your business through duty drawback. There is a lot of paperwork involved, but the Shipping Team makes it easy to submit for a new method of getting paid.